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Tips for Ordering Lunches Your Remote Team Will Love

While ask me anything is a popular internet game, it can also become a popular lunchtime game. Here, participants ask others questions, and other participants must piggyback from the preceding question to ask another coworker something adjacent. You can use an anonymous question-asking tool if it makes everyone feel more comfortable, but ultimately, this game is light-hearted, so you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. The next option is to make your own lunch-and-learn and allow teammates to conduct their own talks. This exercise gives them the opportunity to tell teammates about that subject, and everything is fair game, from Lord of the Rings to horseback riding. Virtual lunches aren’t meant to be taken too seriously, even if you have an agenda.

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  • You might be amazed by the questions your coworkers come up with and the answers they provide.
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  • Restaurant delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash are useful if you want to eat out but don’t have time to step away from work.

Comedy Workshops are a way to inspire camaraderie among remote teams while improving soft skills. Plus, you might just learn that unassuming Olga in accounting is hilarious. From online book clubs to Ask Me Anything sessions, here remote work blog is a list of virtual lunch and learn activities to entertain and enlighten your remote employees. Virtual lunch and learns are online sessions where employees log in to hear from a speaker and learn more about a chosen topic.

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Alternatively, if you’re inviting people who are new to video conferencing, Whereby is a good option because it’s entirely web-based and doesn’t require an account or a downloaded app. All your guests need is to click a link to get into your virtual lunch and learn. If your company has only ever operated virtually, it might be a challenge to find the perfect person to put in charge. If no obvious candidates jump out at you, cast the net wide and as your remote teams for their pick via email.

Ask yourself a few questions below to come to the right virtual lunch idea. When employees are happy and engaged, they are more productive and satisfied in their jobs. Virtual lunches can help improve job satisfaction by providing employees with a sense of community and connection. When employees feel valued and supported by their team, they are more likely to feel motivated and engaged in their work. This can lead to increased productivity and better overall job performance. Practicing mindfulness, even for just a few minutes a day, can be the equivalent of hitting the reset button.

Ask Employees What They’re Interested in Learning

Send the date and time via email or your preferred collaboration tool. If you have remote workers who don’t use your platform often, include instructions on how to download, install, and use it. Get RSVPs if possible so you know just how many virtual gift cards to send and to manage the virtual lunch more effectively. A virtual lunch ranges from a one-on-one video meeting with a colleague to team-building events that anyone can participate in from their location.

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Even if you possess few graphic design skills, you can quickly create digital flyers and e-cards in Canva. At minimum, you should include the date and time of the event, the speaker, the topic, the meeting link, and any special instructions. When team members are spread across different time zones, it can be hard to find a good time that works for everyone. Some potential solutions include rotating the time of the session, so that no one is consistently stuck with a less-than-ideal time of day. To ensure participants are engaged during the session, it can be helpful to share clear expectations and get attendees excited. Let folks know if they’re going to be expected to have their cameras on.

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