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QuickBooks Online vs Desktop: Which Is Right for You

It has an easier learning curve, and you’ll have plenty of new features to learn before you reach the limits of what it can do. But it’s important to remember that even though QuickBooks Online is easier to use, you’ll still need some knowledge of basic accounting principles to use it effectively. QuickBooks Online also integrates with many industry-specific project management tools you may already use at your construction company.

  • With QuickBooks Online, you can add QuickBooks Online Payroll starting at $45/month.
  • Not all businesses will need these features, but manufacturing, retail and wholesale businesses will likely find them worth the extra cost over Gold.
  • Overall, QuickBooks Desktop Pro reviews are more favorable, but both user bases have good and bad things to say about each product.
  • QuickBooks does have a 30-user cap, which for a growing small business may be more than enough.
  • QuickBooks was developed by Intuit in 1998 as a double-entry accounting program meant to be used by small businesses.
  • Here are some positive reviews highlighting what business owners like about QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks can help – but it does best when properly integrated with apps that offer functionality QuickBooks lacks – like time tracking with Workyard. Early in QuickBooks Online’s release, there was a significant price difference between the various desktop and online versions. However, that price gap has closed among lower-tier plans in recent years. The lower tiers of QuickBooks Online are still much cheaper than the costs for QuickBooks Desktop. But top-tier plans – targeted at enterprise businesses – are within the same ballpark.

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop 2024

QuickBooks Online has a 30-day free trial, while QuickBooks Desktop provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.QuickBooks Online’s pricing structure may be a better choice for you if you want a fixed monthly plan. Keep in mind that the additional charges for QuickBooks Desktop can quickly pile up, particularly if you have several users. Webgility syncs QuickBooks Desktop with your online stores, giving you an automated and reliable multichannel inventory hub for your entire business. With Webgility, you can minimize inventory mistakes and maintain centralized control over products, pricing, and profits. You can also easily add new products to online stores and marketplaces from QuickBooks.Webgility automates ecommerce accounting, inventory and pricing, order management, fulfillment and purchasing, and more. It automatically syncs your sales and financial data and keeps your books up to date.

  • It’s more fully featured than most other bookkeeping apps, so you’ll experience an upgrade when switching.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is also a good fit for niche businesses such as nonprofit organizations, retailers, and general contractors looking for a more industry-specific solution.
  • However, QuickBooks Desktop relies on users to implement security measures and perform regular data backups.
  • Once you decide, if you need some assistance with your QuickBooks Migration, be sure to check out our comprehensive QuickBooks Tutorial.

Webgility’s QuickBooks integration provides everything you need for cloud-based ecommerce automation. It syncs QuickBooks Online with sales channels and marketplaces to simplify bookkeeping. It also supports easy collaboration, letting you share your account with your preferred accounting expert or an outsourced accounting agency. Many seasoned accountants and bookkeepers may be more accustomed to this “traditional” version of QuickBooks that needs to be installed on your computer.

Which QuickBooks product is best for your business model?

QuickBooks Online excels with its ease of use, intuitive Project Dashboard, and surprisingly good mobile app. If you’re a small to medium-sized business switching from another cloud-based accounting app, QuickBooks Online would probably suit you best. It’s more fully featured than most other bookkeeping apps, so you’ll experience an upgrade when switching.

How many users can QuickBooks Enterprise have?

The solutions provided are consistent and work with different BI tools as well. Below is a link to a wonderful comparison tool created by @hectorgarciacpa that compares all versions of QB Desktop and Online. There are significant differences between QBO Plus (Column F) and Enterprise (Column H), especially when it comes to inventory.

QuickBooks Support

In contrast, QuickBooks Desktop’s interface was built with accountants in mind. Instead of showing clear images of your cash balance, outstanding invoices, and upcoming bills like the QuickBooks Online dash, the desktop version’s dash is a flowing series of connected folders and files. Unless you’re an accountant, the learning curve will likely be a little higher for you than it would with QuickBooks Online.

Project Accounting (Winner: QuickBooks Desktop)

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based software with a monthly subscription, whereas QuickBooks Desktop is installed locally and has an annual license pricing scheme. QuickBooks Enterprise includes all features of QuickBooks Pro/Premier as well as more advanced features than what is offered in QuickBooks Online. This includes the features QuickBooks is most known for, such as financial management, sales orders, inventory cost tracking, and pricing. It also offers 13 predefined user roles, which lets you control access into the program for each employee.

Overall, if detailed reporting is critical to your construction business, QuickBooks will likely make you much happier. QuickBooks Online and Desktop both allow tracking of partial payments and will update the project and subsequent invoices automatically. Both versions have all the core features you would expect, but the difference comes into play when looking at adjustments prepaid rent and other rent accounting for asc 842 explained and flexibility. If you plan on doing some accounting while at the beach or in a hotel room, don’t expect to do it efficiently or effectively with the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app. With the desktop version, you are fully responsible for installation and maintenance, which must be run on a local computer – generally one at your office or a laptop assigned by your employer.

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